Audio And Video Player

Includes audio and video players in WordPress websites.

  • +  First Song
  • +  Second Song
  • +  Third Song
  • +  Fourth Song
  • +  Fifth Song
  • +  Sixth Song
  • +  Seventh Song
  • +  Eighth Song

Player Skins

Main Features

  • Audion and Video Player with support for every audio or video file supported by browsers.
  • Distributed as WordPress plugin.
  • There are available multiple and dissimilar skins.
  • Allow the integration with PayPal for selling products.

Version Distribution.

Higher versions retain all the features of lower versions

WordPress Plugin
Allows to insert unlimited music or video players
Only for playing media files (does not includes the integration with payment gateway)
Includes only one skin
Access to All Documentation Published in the Website

29.99 EUR
WordPress Plugin
Includes all player skins
Allows selling files from the player
Access to All Documentation Published in the Website
60 Days' Technical Support

After payment you will be redirected to a direct-download page and the download link will be emailed to the payment address.

A one-time payment allows you to download the paid version and entitles you to unlimited use of the plugin on your website.

Start publishing your first player!

Public Website for Demo Test publishing a player in administration section