Features: AVP

Main features of the Audio and Video Player.

WordPress Plugin

The Audio and Video Player is distributed as a WordPress plugin (based on the mediaelement js code in the WordPress core), facilitating its creation and use.

Muliple Skins

The Audio and Video Player is distributed with multiple skins to adjust the player to different websites' designs.

Payment Gateway Integration

Allows to convert the Audio and Video Player in a basic store, selecting the file for selling and entering the information to the PayPal account where receive the payments.

Many Features

Include many features to adjust the player to the particular websites' conditions. Activate playlist, preload the media files, enter sizes, activate the autoplay (this attribute depends on browsers and devices)

Supported with Desktop and Mobiles Devices

The Audio and Video Player is supported by desktop and bobile devices browsers, and adjust the controls and dimensions to the device where is used.

Accepted Sources

The Player supports all audio and video formats supported by the browsers (.wav, .oga, .mp3, .mp4, .ogg, ...). The allows to associate different files to a same playlist itm, and the player would use the corresponding file whose format be supported by the browser where it is openned.